Interview with Victor Magiari – Sales Director Oracle Adriatic

Oracle is one of the Global Tech Giant that started as a startup but never stopped innovating. What is the approach Oracle has regarding digitalization and trends to follow

As customer behavior has been changing dramatically (the way we bank, travel, learn, shop, entertain…), most of the companies have changed the way they are running their business  – esp. within the last decade. If not done yet, certainly the recent pandemic has accelerated the transformation. In Oracle, we are discussing with our customers about the Digital Reboot concept – kind of a checklist to master the new normal. We looked at 10 business areas that have become critical and will likely have changed forever. The common theme to all of them is the importance of digital technology.  Some of the topics on the checklist are soc. distancing, remote work, transacting online, process automation, accelerated decision making, and dig. immune system and operational resilience.  There is no simple reset button to go back to the pre-pandemic world. Many things have changed and the emerging trends and behaviors shape the ‘New Normal’. We believe that with the right dig. transformation strategy, companies can survive, adapt and thrive in the new economy

How is Oracle Supporting early-stage businesses and developing tech startup solutions?

Oracle is delivering a unique acceleration program that enables mutually beneficial business-building partnerships for startups, our customers, and Oracle. It starts with free cloud and expands to a rich collaboration that brings opportunities to engage with Oracle’s vast network of mentors, product experts, and customers. Together we’re creating a virtuous cycle of innovation. The free cloud credits can be used to get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Container Engine for Kubernetes and many more.  In addition to the program’s free credits and 70% discount, founders get access to the free cloud tier that provides an environment for users to build and work at no cost—forever. That allows startups and developers to work on applications in development before they pay to run them in production.

Oracle works with SMEs, startups, and corporates worldwide. Is there any positive Examples of cooperation with Startups from the Western Balkan region?

Oracle with its Oracle for Startups has helped a number of startups to create amazing technology products and grow their business. We strongly believe that this region has some amazing tech talent and therefore our team of experts is always happy to assist new founders that become part of our Oracle for Startups.

One of the cases is the young startup Strornest from North Macedonia that creates a Legacy planning tool with zero proof technology. By enrolling with Oracle for Startups we were able to support them with a request to use our Blockchain ledger and other Oracle services to create a stable and scalable solution for the insuretech and fintech sector. Another great example is Dataflux an AI-driven innovation company founded by 2 Croatian founders, they joined the program last year and we are already introducing their solution to customers as a result.

You established collaboration with Startup Macedonia and supported their Startup Talks Series for the Western Balkans. What is the event series about and who should apply to this event series?

We like to collaborate with partners in the ecosystem that works with startups directly and provides true value to the Ecosystem. Therefore with Startup Macedonia, we designed the Startups Talks – Western Balkans Series for Startup and Scale up Founders and Management team to get more familiar with how Oracle for Startups can support them on their journey to scale.

Our next event os on December 16th, 15.00 CET covering following topic: Why corporates are becoming a startups greatest growth hack

The number of slots is limited to 30 Startups so we can provide the best support to the companies so make sure to reserve your spot on the following Link.


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